breaking the news

I told my mom on thursday that I will be unassisted birthing.

You should've seen her face! Hahahahahaha .... if there is anything that I like it is to shock people with my "choices."

She sat there on the couch, eyes peeled to the back of her head, not blinking, mouth squeezed shut(she was probably dying to yell and shake some sense into me!

I have already given her my Guide to Childbirth, by Ina May, complete with page after page of highlighted paragraphs and tid bits of information that my mom simply refuses to believe when it comes out of my mouth. I especially liked how Ina May points out that most of hospital "procedures" stem out from the procedures rooted in the 1940s and '50, back when they would knock women out to give birth and therefore the women did need to be monitored 24/7. My mom swears by these "procedures" and I hope the reality of them sink in...

But for a completely natural, unrushed, healthy birth? Only the mama and some support is needed :)

I also highlighed practically the whole section on induced labor, since baby Gil was induced against my wishes. To this day she can't understand why I wasn't happy with my birth experience.

Neither will she connect the dots as to why certain things happened. For instance, rushed, induced labor = incredibly painful contractions and no time for myself to "stretch" = unwanted pain medication, not being allowed to move around and incorrect position for pushing = tearing in two places while baby comes out = stitches = postponment of mama/baby bonding = breastfeeding challenges = exclusive pumping for 10 months so baby can get breastmilk = one tired mama! Sheesh!

I mean, I am so glad I experienced what I DONT want to happen again, because now I absolutely do not take simple things like my body or my milk for granted. But what a way to learn ...

Anyways, she said its my body and my baby and there is not much she can do about that, and she asked if she will be allowed to be at the birth. I said as long as she behaves =D

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