Pregnancy Food

Well, last night I wanted fruit. I was having some serious pregnancy cravings.

My WONDERFUL husband went to the market and came back with, GASP! All sorts of yummy pregnancy, vegetarian friendly food:

Roasted Pine Nut Hummus
French Bread
Organic Spring Mix salad
Organic Rasberry Applesauce
Peach Mango salsa
Chocolate cake! hehehe

I am so gaining ten pounds today


breaking the news

I told my mom on thursday that I will be unassisted birthing.

You should've seen her face! Hahahahahaha .... if there is anything that I like it is to shock people with my "choices."

She sat there on the couch, eyes peeled to the back of her head, not blinking, mouth squeezed shut(she was probably dying to yell and shake some sense into me!

I have already given her my Guide to Childbirth, by Ina May, complete with page after page of highlighted paragraphs and tid bits of information that my mom simply refuses to believe when it comes out of my mouth. I especially liked how Ina May points out that most of hospital "procedures" stem out from the procedures rooted in the 1940s and '50, back when they would knock women out to give birth and therefore the women did need to be monitored 24/7. My mom swears by these "procedures" and I hope the reality of them sink in...

But for a completely natural, unrushed, healthy birth? Only the mama and some support is needed :)

I also highlighed practically the whole section on induced labor, since baby Gil was induced against my wishes. To this day she can't understand why I wasn't happy with my birth experience.

Neither will she connect the dots as to why certain things happened. For instance, rushed, induced labor = incredibly painful contractions and no time for myself to "stretch" = unwanted pain medication, not being allowed to move around and incorrect position for pushing = tearing in two places while baby comes out = stitches = postponment of mama/baby bonding = breastfeeding challenges = exclusive pumping for 10 months so baby can get breastmilk = one tired mama! Sheesh!

I mean, I am so glad I experienced what I DONT want to happen again, because now I absolutely do not take simple things like my body or my milk for granted. But what a way to learn ...

Anyways, she said its my body and my baby and there is not much she can do about that, and she asked if she will be allowed to be at the birth. I said as long as she behaves =D



nothing to do with anything, i am just annoyed:

-Living with the in laws is rough.
-I cant leave a dish in the sink without MIL washing it. I am not a child and I am not trying to get her to wash the dish. I just dont want to wash it this.very.second.
-I DO NOT like giving my son yogurt for breakfast every morning. I have said not to buy it, so it is not my fault when it goes bad.
-I want to sit in the main living room with my (growing) belly showing. Being around people other than my husband makes this uncomfortable.
-The TV is blasting. In Spanish. I cannot speak Spanish. I wish I could! But I cant. So I just hear a blubbering nonesense being YELLED into my ear.
-MIL thinks sea salt will help my husband lose weight. Not exercise. Exercise has nothing to do with it. SEA SALT!

Which brings me to:

-It is none of her business what my taxes are.
-It is none of her business what my husband and I argue about.
-She wants me to tattle tale on my little brother, and the one time I did (about something big - drug related) she didnt even believe me. In fact, she jokes about it with my brother .... and his friends.
-She acts horribly with my brothers girlfriend and expects me to hate her too. I happen to like the girl.
-She sarcastically agrees to go along with my cloth diapering, breastfeeding (which she thought was pointless) and co-sleeping ways. Although one time she did admit that it was probably nice to have Baby right there next to us ...

I am so glad no one in real life knows I have this blog. Parents are so hard to deal with sometimes...



The baby always started off in his crib and then would sleep with us at night when we went to bed. Although it worked pretty good for us, sometimes I wished he could just get out of the crib himself and magically find his way into our bed. That is when I discovered side carring! I realize the blanket stuffed inbetween his matress and the railing probably isnt the safest option, but it really is snug and not going anywhere :)


annoying family

Why is it that visiting family members, whom I myself have only met one other time, why do they decide it is ok to take my 11 month old child out of my hands when he has never met them, when he wants nothing to do with them and when he is 5 minutes away from his bed time? Why is that!?

Or why is it okay for other family members who only come by once in a while to literally pry my child out of my hands while he is fussing to get away from her?

I wish my son would let me wear him so they wouldnt be able to do this. I hated passing him around during family gatherings, and I am FOR SURE buying an Ergo for this next baby.

Lesson Learned.


a few of our latest pictues...

This one is my favorite...

At the West Covina Library...

My 19 weeks pregnant belly...

At Northview High School, getting some fresh air...

I cant believe how big my baby is getting :)



Ever since I was little (so little that I believed my dreams were real,) I started having a dream about driving. This dream would reoccur every know and then throughout the years. I would either be the driver or passenger, and the dream would begin by me trying to drive up a freeway that was on a huge hill/mountain. This was the only road that I could take, and if I wanted to go anywhere, I HAD to take this freeway. So there I would go, fully knowing that this was the same dream that I have had before, and just wishing to get off that freeway. Well, the car would barely be making it up, huffing and puffing all the way along the hill. Then, at the very top, I would look out of the car window and notice that infront of me is an enormous drop straight down! All I could do was keep driving, so down, down, down I went as fast as can be! I would make it to the bottom completely safe, but when I would wake up my heart would be pounding and the adrenaline would be soaring through my blood.

Last night I had this same dream, but instead of a insane drop at the end, it was a nice, slow winding road that I cruised down. I woke up feeling content and safe.

I wonder what it means...


Guide to Childbirth

A huge thankyou is due to my wonderful husband for starting my natural childbirth library with Ina May's Guide to Childbirth :) The birth stories are so moving and every page helps me imagine what the big day will be like. I can't wait!


note to self

buy these books:

Unassised Childbirth, by Laura Shanely
Childbirth Without Fear, by Grantly Dick-Read
Heart and Hands, by Elizabeth Davis
Spiritual Midwifery, By Ina May Gaskin

From browsing through the unassisted childbirth websites, I came across an interview with Laura Shanely. She had all four of her children unassisted, and these are the books she recommends.



This second baby better be glad I love it already because finding prenatal care has been a hassle! Haha.

Long story short: I had a Kaiser birth with Baby Gil. Hated it. So for number two, we switched to Pacificare (my husbands other option from his job.) THE ONLY reason i did something so drastic was because the rep for Pacificare said I would be able to have a midwife for a homebirth or a birthing center. So we switched, and the rules are that I can only switch between insurances once a year.

Well, it turns out, no one is in network with Pacificare anywhere near me! So I tried getting a referral from my doctor to a certain birthing center that she recommended, but from all the calling back and forth, its apparent that this will be a big huge hassle that will take lots of time.

The ticker: I am 18 weeks pregnant and have seen no prenatal care. I would need an appointment asap, and according to this birthing center, $1000 is due at the first appointment. ::GASP:: Now I know all of this wont get sorted out by my first appointment, so that would mean $1000 out of my own pocket (which, by the way, is empty!) So the mere thought of that is insane craziness and completely impossible.

Now, I called the lady in charge of "insurance-switching" (dont know her exact title :D) and I told her the situation and she said that although the answer is no, that I cannot go back to Kaiser because of the rules, maybe the misinformation the first rep told me would be reason enough to bend the rules a bit this one time.

But then that brings me to another point. I really am only concerned about prenatal care. Show me the baby is there, give me a pat on the back, and im done. I really, really, really am considering unassisted birth. I knew I could do it myself the first time, but I didnt actually know it was possible. Maybe I thought it was illegal? Totally unsafe? I dont know. But as each day goes by, I remember the feeling of being taken advantage of at the hospital. I wasnt some scared mom-to-be clinging to their every word about how to "deliever" my baby. I felt it inside me to do it myself ... and i should have!

So I really dont know what to do. Maybe if I get Kaiser back I will go to a few appointments then just not go back? ... Just wait at home until I pop?

Uh-oh ... that thought is in my head now ... :D


our latest disneyland trip

I really do love having an annual pass. It has saved my sanity more than a few times :)

new beginnings

Much to my dismay, I have not been blogging lately. Day after day, I think about how much I would love to log in, think for a few moments, and then type away! But something has been holding me back.

I think its mainly because I have hit a new medium in my life. I am finally 100% a stay at home mama. I am pregnant. I will soon have 2 under 2. I have gotten over my obsesssion with AIOs and I have blissfully settled my mind on my beloved prefolds <3

I think the focus of my blog is going to shift. Although I am still very much into being eco friendly, pregnancy has taken over, and I am entering a new realm - unassisted childbirth. Lately its all I can think about, and I am seriously considering it.

Anyways, this blog says I have six followers, and I dont know if any of you actually read what I write, but hopefully I wont let anyone down...


My Trip To the Bank Today

Although its not something that I'm proud of, I go in the negative in my checking account on a somewhat regular basis. I usually buy one too many coffees or put a few dollars too much of gas in the car or that one little item I just couldnt live without puts me over the edge.

Well anyways ... when i deposited two checks earlier in the week, I realized I was probably -$30. It stung, but what could I do about it? So I went on the next few days, wondering why it was taking so long for my checks to clear.

Finally I went in the bank and apparently I have been overdrafting this whole month of February! How could that be!!? I know I had money! I was even keeping track this time!

Turns out at the beginning of the month someone went to an ATM with a copy of my debit card and withdrew $380. Since that was pretty much all I had in there, I quickly went into the negative. So for this whhhooooooole entire month that I have been making purchases - gas, groceries, a valentines present, necessities, etc, I actually didn't have a penny in the bank and Chase just kept on letting me buy things, all the while charging me $30 for each bad purchase.

So, the bank told me, I am NEGATIVE $650 !!!!

Luckily they understood the mistake and quickly took action and I will be reimbursed. But really, why would they just keep letting me buy things when I obviously didnt have the funds!?!? Do they WANT people to go into debt?


I messed up.

I must admit it. I must confess.

Me - the self proclaimed cloth diaper queen, made a cloth diaper mistake that I cant believe. While I was still discovering the many types of cloth diapers, a few mamas gave me a bit of bad information that just recently got fixed.

They told me that pocket diapers got used over and over and over again, with the soaker being changed out every time, and then the whole diaper would be changed only when it was a poop diaper. This replused me and I never considered pocket diapers from that point on.

Recently on Mothering.com, I asked a pocket - related question, and was quickly corrected in my pocket misinformation. Oh how embarrassing!!!

Anyways, afterwards, I went and looked up some pocket diapers and came up with these cute Rumpack Diapers, size medium. So far I have been very happy with them and love how they keep my little one nice and dry. (He gets so rashy without microfleece.)

Thankyou Rumpack Diapers!

Pots and Pans

I have been searching every thrift store, yard sale and antique store for some old, non plastic pots and pans for the baby. Although a part of me thinks that those plastic toys are "cute," i really wanted some that werent pink and purple so my son wouldnt feel like they were "for girls."

Well the other day my little family and I went to Ikea to let the baby blow off some steam (I can only go to the park for days on end for so long ...)

Anyways, we found these! I have no idea what theyre made of, but it really seems like stainless steel, and I bet if I tried to cook with them, it would work! They even came with little mini sturdy spoons, forks and butter knives (which I realize are not baby friendly, but thats what parental supervision is for, in my opinion :D

Baby Gil loved his new cooking toys, put his legos and blocks in them, felt them around with his mouth, and then seven minutes later - threw all of them across his shoulder and crawled off!

It will never cease to amaze me how short a ten month olds attention span is.


pregnacy and life

Today is such an off day for me. I think I ruined it by planning too many fun adventures, and cramming in too many chores between those adventures. The result was just one trip to Babies R Us and laundry.

Although I did get a fairly decent shower :)

I blame my intense sorrow when life doesnt work out the way I want it to on my pregnancy. I am almost 12 weeks pregnant and my hormones are way out of control! An example would be like today - I dressed my son in a green "recycle" onesie, black and white striped baby legs (that I made, by the way) and a black Social D beanie. I realize that is not traditional baby garb, but hey, he looked like a little independent monster baby lol.

My husband of course, did not like it one bit, and all it took was a disapproving look to turn my world upside down and make me miserable. Hours later, I am sipping Peaceful Mama tea and eating Belly Bar chews ... and still trying to get over it =\

Another reason I am insanely hormonal is because I am still breastfeeding (or rather, exclusively pumping) for my son. I used to get tons of milk, we had a huge deep freezer stash, and still had milk to spare! Now I can barely get five ounces from each boob, which I realize is still extremely good - some women can barely get five ounces combined! But my stash is going down and seeing my supply dwindle makes me extremely upset, almost to the point of quitting. At Babies R Us today, I walked by the formula section and just pondered my sons milk-future. He has had exclusive breast milk for 9 months and 3 weeks. I'd say that is pretty good! With my freezer stash, I might have *almost* a months worth, if he doesnt waste any and/or if all that milk is good. Right now my goal for him getting breastmilk is until 11 months. I obviously want to go until a year, but that four extra weeks is pushing it for me. Giving my son formula when I have even just a little bit of milk bothers me. I know it is because I am lazy and just dont want to pump. ::sigh::

Today should have been a rainy day...


I love a good find!

Anyone notice my cute background from the previous pictures...?

Well, I am proud to say that they are from a scrapbooking/decorative paper package that I got, ON CLEARANCE, at Michaels, for a whopping FOUR DOLLARS!!! ... original price, $19.99!

I almost bought two other packages, but I only liked a few prints and would have never touched the all the other ones. Now, how un-eco friendly would that be? =D

Since it is almost Valentines Day, I was thinking of making handmade Valentines for my classroom ...

Can't wait!

No Sugar Added trip

So after a horrible week of using disposables and disposable wipes, I am finally back on track with my lovely cloth diapers. My AIO from Etsy still hasnt arrived, and I *still* have to make my AIOs from the pattern that I bought, but when I went to a cloth diaper store in Claremont called No Sugar Added (to buy wipe solution,) I just had to pick up a Bum Genius AIO diaper! This is my first AIO diaper and I cannot wait to try it out!!

The reason for my trip was the wipe solution. I went with Pumpkin Booty Bits, in Cucumber Melon. You just take a cute heart shaped "bit" and mix it with two cups hot water, stir, then put it in a spray bottle. Smells and works great! Hopefully this will solve my babys rash problems. Plain old water wasn't cleaning him good enough, and then water and baby wash was irritating. Trial and error, I guess.


The Evil Cow Duck

Ever since I introduced this toy from a parent at work to my son, he has hated it. He screams, he shoves it in his mouth to bite it to death, he shakes and he buldges his eyes out. And he does this every time until I take the dreaded cow duck away. So After 9 months I finally threw it away.

Probably should have regifted or donated it or something, but that would have taken months ...

homemade wipes

Two layers of flannel and ta da! Wipes!

Gotta love the firetruck print =)

Good Morning Christmas!

Yes we are in January, but I blame my camera.

The baby got two sets of tool boxes with toy tools. He is already a little Electrician in training, just like his daddy!

Even though this year had been our hardest year.... i honestly have to say that this was our best Christmas yet. I think all the work I put into the homemade Christmas presents helped alot. It made everything seem more personal.

Babys First Converse

....(actually they are Levis, but nobody say anything. SShhhhhh!)

My first completed knitting project!

Well I am in the process of learning to knit. I think I am doing pretty good, with the exception of the baby beanie that I completely messed up and have no idea how to fix. Other than that, I think I have the technique down.
So for Christmas, I knitted my friend a scarf, not only because it is easy, but because I still cant figure out how to read a pattern, and all I had to do was knit over and over and over to make a scarf.
(please exuse the shower-shot. I had nowhere else to hang it.)


There is nothing really great about it, but I added the buttons for a touch of color. Im pretty proud of myself .... and to encourage my new found love for knitting, my husband bought me a cute polka dot case (so my style!) and some needles to go along with it.

thankyou handsome!

back from the grave!

first and foremost, I just have to post the positive pregnancy test. =)

And to go with the positive pregnancy test, my first belly shot. I actually didnt do many belly shots with Gil, not until the very end, and this time, now that I finally got back to my "pre baby" size, I want to remember it haha.
Anyways, this is 6 weeks. As you can see, I already have a pouch. I blame baby Gil stretching me out. Thanks bubba.