pregnacy and life

Today is such an off day for me. I think I ruined it by planning too many fun adventures, and cramming in too many chores between those adventures. The result was just one trip to Babies R Us and laundry.

Although I did get a fairly decent shower :)

I blame my intense sorrow when life doesnt work out the way I want it to on my pregnancy. I am almost 12 weeks pregnant and my hormones are way out of control! An example would be like today - I dressed my son in a green "recycle" onesie, black and white striped baby legs (that I made, by the way) and a black Social D beanie. I realize that is not traditional baby garb, but hey, he looked like a little independent monster baby lol.

My husband of course, did not like it one bit, and all it took was a disapproving look to turn my world upside down and make me miserable. Hours later, I am sipping Peaceful Mama tea and eating Belly Bar chews ... and still trying to get over it =\

Another reason I am insanely hormonal is because I am still breastfeeding (or rather, exclusively pumping) for my son. I used to get tons of milk, we had a huge deep freezer stash, and still had milk to spare! Now I can barely get five ounces from each boob, which I realize is still extremely good - some women can barely get five ounces combined! But my stash is going down and seeing my supply dwindle makes me extremely upset, almost to the point of quitting. At Babies R Us today, I walked by the formula section and just pondered my sons milk-future. He has had exclusive breast milk for 9 months and 3 weeks. I'd say that is pretty good! With my freezer stash, I might have *almost* a months worth, if he doesnt waste any and/or if all that milk is good. Right now my goal for him getting breastmilk is until 11 months. I obviously want to go until a year, but that four extra weeks is pushing it for me. Giving my son formula when I have even just a little bit of milk bothers me. I know it is because I am lazy and just dont want to pump. ::sigh::

Today should have been a rainy day...


I love a good find!

Anyone notice my cute background from the previous pictures...?

Well, I am proud to say that they are from a scrapbooking/decorative paper package that I got, ON CLEARANCE, at Michaels, for a whopping FOUR DOLLARS!!! ... original price, $19.99!

I almost bought two other packages, but I only liked a few prints and would have never touched the all the other ones. Now, how un-eco friendly would that be? =D

Since it is almost Valentines Day, I was thinking of making handmade Valentines for my classroom ...

Can't wait!

No Sugar Added trip

So after a horrible week of using disposables and disposable wipes, I am finally back on track with my lovely cloth diapers. My AIO from Etsy still hasnt arrived, and I *still* have to make my AIOs from the pattern that I bought, but when I went to a cloth diaper store in Claremont called No Sugar Added (to buy wipe solution,) I just had to pick up a Bum Genius AIO diaper! This is my first AIO diaper and I cannot wait to try it out!!

The reason for my trip was the wipe solution. I went with Pumpkin Booty Bits, in Cucumber Melon. You just take a cute heart shaped "bit" and mix it with two cups hot water, stir, then put it in a spray bottle. Smells and works great! Hopefully this will solve my babys rash problems. Plain old water wasn't cleaning him good enough, and then water and baby wash was irritating. Trial and error, I guess.


The Evil Cow Duck

Ever since I introduced this toy from a parent at work to my son, he has hated it. He screams, he shoves it in his mouth to bite it to death, he shakes and he buldges his eyes out. And he does this every time until I take the dreaded cow duck away. So After 9 months I finally threw it away.

Probably should have regifted or donated it or something, but that would have taken months ...

homemade wipes

Two layers of flannel and ta da! Wipes!

Gotta love the firetruck print =)

Good Morning Christmas!

Yes we are in January, but I blame my camera.

The baby got two sets of tool boxes with toy tools. He is already a little Electrician in training, just like his daddy!

Even though this year had been our hardest year.... i honestly have to say that this was our best Christmas yet. I think all the work I put into the homemade Christmas presents helped alot. It made everything seem more personal.

Babys First Converse

....(actually they are Levis, but nobody say anything. SShhhhhh!)

My first completed knitting project!

Well I am in the process of learning to knit. I think I am doing pretty good, with the exception of the baby beanie that I completely messed up and have no idea how to fix. Other than that, I think I have the technique down.
So for Christmas, I knitted my friend a scarf, not only because it is easy, but because I still cant figure out how to read a pattern, and all I had to do was knit over and over and over to make a scarf.
(please exuse the shower-shot. I had nowhere else to hang it.)


There is nothing really great about it, but I added the buttons for a touch of color. Im pretty proud of myself .... and to encourage my new found love for knitting, my husband bought me a cute polka dot case (so my style!) and some needles to go along with it.

thankyou handsome!

back from the grave!

first and foremost, I just have to post the positive pregnancy test. =)

And to go with the positive pregnancy test, my first belly shot. I actually didnt do many belly shots with Gil, not until the very end, and this time, now that I finally got back to my "pre baby" size, I want to remember it haha.
Anyways, this is 6 weeks. As you can see, I already have a pouch. I blame baby Gil stretching me out. Thanks bubba.