My Trip To the Bank Today

Although its not something that I'm proud of, I go in the negative in my checking account on a somewhat regular basis. I usually buy one too many coffees or put a few dollars too much of gas in the car or that one little item I just couldnt live without puts me over the edge.

Well anyways ... when i deposited two checks earlier in the week, I realized I was probably -$30. It stung, but what could I do about it? So I went on the next few days, wondering why it was taking so long for my checks to clear.

Finally I went in the bank and apparently I have been overdrafting this whole month of February! How could that be!!? I know I had money! I was even keeping track this time!

Turns out at the beginning of the month someone went to an ATM with a copy of my debit card and withdrew $380. Since that was pretty much all I had in there, I quickly went into the negative. So for this whhhooooooole entire month that I have been making purchases - gas, groceries, a valentines present, necessities, etc, I actually didn't have a penny in the bank and Chase just kept on letting me buy things, all the while charging me $30 for each bad purchase.

So, the bank told me, I am NEGATIVE $650 !!!!

Luckily they understood the mistake and quickly took action and I will be reimbursed. But really, why would they just keep letting me buy things when I obviously didnt have the funds!?!? Do they WANT people to go into debt?


I messed up.

I must admit it. I must confess.

Me - the self proclaimed cloth diaper queen, made a cloth diaper mistake that I cant believe. While I was still discovering the many types of cloth diapers, a few mamas gave me a bit of bad information that just recently got fixed.

They told me that pocket diapers got used over and over and over again, with the soaker being changed out every time, and then the whole diaper would be changed only when it was a poop diaper. This replused me and I never considered pocket diapers from that point on.

Recently on Mothering.com, I asked a pocket - related question, and was quickly corrected in my pocket misinformation. Oh how embarrassing!!!

Anyways, afterwards, I went and looked up some pocket diapers and came up with these cute Rumpack Diapers, size medium. So far I have been very happy with them and love how they keep my little one nice and dry. (He gets so rashy without microfleece.)

Thankyou Rumpack Diapers!

Pots and Pans

I have been searching every thrift store, yard sale and antique store for some old, non plastic pots and pans for the baby. Although a part of me thinks that those plastic toys are "cute," i really wanted some that werent pink and purple so my son wouldnt feel like they were "for girls."

Well the other day my little family and I went to Ikea to let the baby blow off some steam (I can only go to the park for days on end for so long ...)

Anyways, we found these! I have no idea what theyre made of, but it really seems like stainless steel, and I bet if I tried to cook with them, it would work! They even came with little mini sturdy spoons, forks and butter knives (which I realize are not baby friendly, but thats what parental supervision is for, in my opinion :D

Baby Gil loved his new cooking toys, put his legos and blocks in them, felt them around with his mouth, and then seven minutes later - threw all of them across his shoulder and crawled off!

It will never cease to amaze me how short a ten month olds attention span is.