annoying family

Why is it that visiting family members, whom I myself have only met one other time, why do they decide it is ok to take my 11 month old child out of my hands when he has never met them, when he wants nothing to do with them and when he is 5 minutes away from his bed time? Why is that!?

Or why is it okay for other family members who only come by once in a while to literally pry my child out of my hands while he is fussing to get away from her?

I wish my son would let me wear him so they wouldnt be able to do this. I hated passing him around during family gatherings, and I am FOR SURE buying an Ergo for this next baby.

Lesson Learned.


a few of our latest pictues...

This one is my favorite...

At the West Covina Library...

My 19 weeks pregnant belly...

At Northview High School, getting some fresh air...

I cant believe how big my baby is getting :)



Ever since I was little (so little that I believed my dreams were real,) I started having a dream about driving. This dream would reoccur every know and then throughout the years. I would either be the driver or passenger, and the dream would begin by me trying to drive up a freeway that was on a huge hill/mountain. This was the only road that I could take, and if I wanted to go anywhere, I HAD to take this freeway. So there I would go, fully knowing that this was the same dream that I have had before, and just wishing to get off that freeway. Well, the car would barely be making it up, huffing and puffing all the way along the hill. Then, at the very top, I would look out of the car window and notice that infront of me is an enormous drop straight down! All I could do was keep driving, so down, down, down I went as fast as can be! I would make it to the bottom completely safe, but when I would wake up my heart would be pounding and the adrenaline would be soaring through my blood.

Last night I had this same dream, but instead of a insane drop at the end, it was a nice, slow winding road that I cruised down. I woke up feeling content and safe.

I wonder what it means...


Guide to Childbirth

A huge thankyou is due to my wonderful husband for starting my natural childbirth library with Ina May's Guide to Childbirth :) The birth stories are so moving and every page helps me imagine what the big day will be like. I can't wait!


note to self

buy these books:

Unassised Childbirth, by Laura Shanely
Childbirth Without Fear, by Grantly Dick-Read
Heart and Hands, by Elizabeth Davis
Spiritual Midwifery, By Ina May Gaskin

From browsing through the unassisted childbirth websites, I came across an interview with Laura Shanely. She had all four of her children unassisted, and these are the books she recommends.



This second baby better be glad I love it already because finding prenatal care has been a hassle! Haha.

Long story short: I had a Kaiser birth with Baby Gil. Hated it. So for number two, we switched to Pacificare (my husbands other option from his job.) THE ONLY reason i did something so drastic was because the rep for Pacificare said I would be able to have a midwife for a homebirth or a birthing center. So we switched, and the rules are that I can only switch between insurances once a year.

Well, it turns out, no one is in network with Pacificare anywhere near me! So I tried getting a referral from my doctor to a certain birthing center that she recommended, but from all the calling back and forth, its apparent that this will be a big huge hassle that will take lots of time.

The ticker: I am 18 weeks pregnant and have seen no prenatal care. I would need an appointment asap, and according to this birthing center, $1000 is due at the first appointment. ::GASP:: Now I know all of this wont get sorted out by my first appointment, so that would mean $1000 out of my own pocket (which, by the way, is empty!) So the mere thought of that is insane craziness and completely impossible.

Now, I called the lady in charge of "insurance-switching" (dont know her exact title :D) and I told her the situation and she said that although the answer is no, that I cannot go back to Kaiser because of the rules, maybe the misinformation the first rep told me would be reason enough to bend the rules a bit this one time.

But then that brings me to another point. I really am only concerned about prenatal care. Show me the baby is there, give me a pat on the back, and im done. I really, really, really am considering unassisted birth. I knew I could do it myself the first time, but I didnt actually know it was possible. Maybe I thought it was illegal? Totally unsafe? I dont know. But as each day goes by, I remember the feeling of being taken advantage of at the hospital. I wasnt some scared mom-to-be clinging to their every word about how to "deliever" my baby. I felt it inside me to do it myself ... and i should have!

So I really dont know what to do. Maybe if I get Kaiser back I will go to a few appointments then just not go back? ... Just wait at home until I pop?

Uh-oh ... that thought is in my head now ... :D


our latest disneyland trip

I really do love having an annual pass. It has saved my sanity more than a few times :)

new beginnings

Much to my dismay, I have not been blogging lately. Day after day, I think about how much I would love to log in, think for a few moments, and then type away! But something has been holding me back.

I think its mainly because I have hit a new medium in my life. I am finally 100% a stay at home mama. I am pregnant. I will soon have 2 under 2. I have gotten over my obsesssion with AIOs and I have blissfully settled my mind on my beloved prefolds <3

I think the focus of my blog is going to shift. Although I am still very much into being eco friendly, pregnancy has taken over, and I am entering a new realm - unassisted childbirth. Lately its all I can think about, and I am seriously considering it.

Anyways, this blog says I have six followers, and I dont know if any of you actually read what I write, but hopefully I wont let anyone down...