nothing to do with anything, i am just annoyed:

-Living with the in laws is rough.
-I cant leave a dish in the sink without MIL washing it. I am not a child and I am not trying to get her to wash the dish. I just dont want to wash it this.very.second.
-I DO NOT like giving my son yogurt for breakfast every morning. I have said not to buy it, so it is not my fault when it goes bad.
-I want to sit in the main living room with my (growing) belly showing. Being around people other than my husband makes this uncomfortable.
-The TV is blasting. In Spanish. I cannot speak Spanish. I wish I could! But I cant. So I just hear a blubbering nonesense being YELLED into my ear.
-MIL thinks sea salt will help my husband lose weight. Not exercise. Exercise has nothing to do with it. SEA SALT!

Which brings me to:

-It is none of her business what my taxes are.
-It is none of her business what my husband and I argue about.
-She wants me to tattle tale on my little brother, and the one time I did (about something big - drug related) she didnt even believe me. In fact, she jokes about it with my brother .... and his friends.
-She acts horribly with my brothers girlfriend and expects me to hate her too. I happen to like the girl.
-She sarcastically agrees to go along with my cloth diapering, breastfeeding (which she thought was pointless) and co-sleeping ways. Although one time she did admit that it was probably nice to have Baby right there next to us ...

I am so glad no one in real life knows I have this blog. Parents are so hard to deal with sometimes...

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