pregnacy and life

Today is such an off day for me. I think I ruined it by planning too many fun adventures, and cramming in too many chores between those adventures. The result was just one trip to Babies R Us and laundry.

Although I did get a fairly decent shower :)

I blame my intense sorrow when life doesnt work out the way I want it to on my pregnancy. I am almost 12 weeks pregnant and my hormones are way out of control! An example would be like today - I dressed my son in a green "recycle" onesie, black and white striped baby legs (that I made, by the way) and a black Social D beanie. I realize that is not traditional baby garb, but hey, he looked like a little independent monster baby lol.

My husband of course, did not like it one bit, and all it took was a disapproving look to turn my world upside down and make me miserable. Hours later, I am sipping Peaceful Mama tea and eating Belly Bar chews ... and still trying to get over it =\

Another reason I am insanely hormonal is because I am still breastfeeding (or rather, exclusively pumping) for my son. I used to get tons of milk, we had a huge deep freezer stash, and still had milk to spare! Now I can barely get five ounces from each boob, which I realize is still extremely good - some women can barely get five ounces combined! But my stash is going down and seeing my supply dwindle makes me extremely upset, almost to the point of quitting. At Babies R Us today, I walked by the formula section and just pondered my sons milk-future. He has had exclusive breast milk for 9 months and 3 weeks. I'd say that is pretty good! With my freezer stash, I might have *almost* a months worth, if he doesnt waste any and/or if all that milk is good. Right now my goal for him getting breastmilk is until 11 months. I obviously want to go until a year, but that four extra weeks is pushing it for me. Giving my son formula when I have even just a little bit of milk bothers me. I know it is because I am lazy and just dont want to pump. ::sigh::

Today should have been a rainy day...

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  1. As he gets older he will nurse less. your body is just adjusting on its own..dont worry. i use to get 15 oz in one pumping session now i am lucky to get 6oz total.. C is 11 mo 2 weeks.. and she is a great eater, and sleeps through the night. I wish i still had a freezer stash.. you can make it to a year if its what you want:)