No Sugar Added trip

So after a horrible week of using disposables and disposable wipes, I am finally back on track with my lovely cloth diapers. My AIO from Etsy still hasnt arrived, and I *still* have to make my AIOs from the pattern that I bought, but when I went to a cloth diaper store in Claremont called No Sugar Added (to buy wipe solution,) I just had to pick up a Bum Genius AIO diaper! This is my first AIO diaper and I cannot wait to try it out!!

The reason for my trip was the wipe solution. I went with Pumpkin Booty Bits, in Cucumber Melon. You just take a cute heart shaped "bit" and mix it with two cups hot water, stir, then put it in a spray bottle. Smells and works great! Hopefully this will solve my babys rash problems. Plain old water wasn't cleaning him good enough, and then water and baby wash was irritating. Trial and error, I guess.

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