My first completed knitting project!

Well I am in the process of learning to knit. I think I am doing pretty good, with the exception of the baby beanie that I completely messed up and have no idea how to fix. Other than that, I think I have the technique down.
So for Christmas, I knitted my friend a scarf, not only because it is easy, but because I still cant figure out how to read a pattern, and all I had to do was knit over and over and over to make a scarf.
(please exuse the shower-shot. I had nowhere else to hang it.)


There is nothing really great about it, but I added the buttons for a touch of color. Im pretty proud of myself .... and to encourage my new found love for knitting, my husband bought me a cute polka dot case (so my style!) and some needles to go along with it.

thankyou handsome!

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