Pots and Pans

I have been searching every thrift store, yard sale and antique store for some old, non plastic pots and pans for the baby. Although a part of me thinks that those plastic toys are "cute," i really wanted some that werent pink and purple so my son wouldnt feel like they were "for girls."

Well the other day my little family and I went to Ikea to let the baby blow off some steam (I can only go to the park for days on end for so long ...)

Anyways, we found these! I have no idea what theyre made of, but it really seems like stainless steel, and I bet if I tried to cook with them, it would work! They even came with little mini sturdy spoons, forks and butter knives (which I realize are not baby friendly, but thats what parental supervision is for, in my opinion :D

Baby Gil loved his new cooking toys, put his legos and blocks in them, felt them around with his mouth, and then seven minutes later - threw all of them across his shoulder and crawled off!

It will never cease to amaze me how short a ten month olds attention span is.

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