My Trip To the Bank Today

Although its not something that I'm proud of, I go in the negative in my checking account on a somewhat regular basis. I usually buy one too many coffees or put a few dollars too much of gas in the car or that one little item I just couldnt live without puts me over the edge.

Well anyways ... when i deposited two checks earlier in the week, I realized I was probably -$30. It stung, but what could I do about it? So I went on the next few days, wondering why it was taking so long for my checks to clear.

Finally I went in the bank and apparently I have been overdrafting this whole month of February! How could that be!!? I know I had money! I was even keeping track this time!

Turns out at the beginning of the month someone went to an ATM with a copy of my debit card and withdrew $380. Since that was pretty much all I had in there, I quickly went into the negative. So for this whhhooooooole entire month that I have been making purchases - gas, groceries, a valentines present, necessities, etc, I actually didn't have a penny in the bank and Chase just kept on letting me buy things, all the while charging me $30 for each bad purchase.

So, the bank told me, I am NEGATIVE $650 !!!!

Luckily they understood the mistake and quickly took action and I will be reimbursed. But really, why would they just keep letting me buy things when I obviously didnt have the funds!?!? Do they WANT people to go into debt?


  1. You should be able to have the bank put a block on your account so that it won't allow you to overdraw your account.

    If Chase won't allow you to do that, I know that Bank of America does :)

  2. You had money stolen right from your bank account? That’s horrible! I’m glad that the bank was quick to help rectify it. I think it would have been wise to close that particular account and open a new one to keep the thief from taking more money from you. It might also be good to have a separate card holder or a small coin purse in your bag to keep your cards in. In the unfortunate event that your wallet is stolen, at least your cards will be kept safe.

    -- Harriett Faulks