I messed up.

I must admit it. I must confess.

Me - the self proclaimed cloth diaper queen, made a cloth diaper mistake that I cant believe. While I was still discovering the many types of cloth diapers, a few mamas gave me a bit of bad information that just recently got fixed.

They told me that pocket diapers got used over and over and over again, with the soaker being changed out every time, and then the whole diaper would be changed only when it was a poop diaper. This replused me and I never considered pocket diapers from that point on.

Recently on Mothering.com, I asked a pocket - related question, and was quickly corrected in my pocket misinformation. Oh how embarrassing!!!

Anyways, afterwards, I went and looked up some pocket diapers and came up with these cute Rumpack Diapers, size medium. So far I have been very happy with them and love how they keep my little one nice and dry. (He gets so rashy without microfleece.)

Thankyou Rumpack Diapers!


  1. did you make these... so cute!!!

  2. no theyre from rumpsack diapers ... i just need *one last piece of fabric* before im ready to make my diapers ... gosh its taking forever!!