This second baby better be glad I love it already because finding prenatal care has been a hassle! Haha.

Long story short: I had a Kaiser birth with Baby Gil. Hated it. So for number two, we switched to Pacificare (my husbands other option from his job.) THE ONLY reason i did something so drastic was because the rep for Pacificare said I would be able to have a midwife for a homebirth or a birthing center. So we switched, and the rules are that I can only switch between insurances once a year.

Well, it turns out, no one is in network with Pacificare anywhere near me! So I tried getting a referral from my doctor to a certain birthing center that she recommended, but from all the calling back and forth, its apparent that this will be a big huge hassle that will take lots of time.

The ticker: I am 18 weeks pregnant and have seen no prenatal care. I would need an appointment asap, and according to this birthing center, $1000 is due at the first appointment. ::GASP:: Now I know all of this wont get sorted out by my first appointment, so that would mean $1000 out of my own pocket (which, by the way, is empty!) So the mere thought of that is insane craziness and completely impossible.

Now, I called the lady in charge of "insurance-switching" (dont know her exact title :D) and I told her the situation and she said that although the answer is no, that I cannot go back to Kaiser because of the rules, maybe the misinformation the first rep told me would be reason enough to bend the rules a bit this one time.

But then that brings me to another point. I really am only concerned about prenatal care. Show me the baby is there, give me a pat on the back, and im done. I really, really, really am considering unassisted birth. I knew I could do it myself the first time, but I didnt actually know it was possible. Maybe I thought it was illegal? Totally unsafe? I dont know. But as each day goes by, I remember the feeling of being taken advantage of at the hospital. I wasnt some scared mom-to-be clinging to their every word about how to "deliever" my baby. I felt it inside me to do it myself ... and i should have!

So I really dont know what to do. Maybe if I get Kaiser back I will go to a few appointments then just not go back? ... Just wait at home until I pop?

Uh-oh ... that thought is in my head now ... :D

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