new beginnings

Much to my dismay, I have not been blogging lately. Day after day, I think about how much I would love to log in, think for a few moments, and then type away! But something has been holding me back.

I think its mainly because I have hit a new medium in my life. I am finally 100% a stay at home mama. I am pregnant. I will soon have 2 under 2. I have gotten over my obsesssion with AIOs and I have blissfully settled my mind on my beloved prefolds <3

I think the focus of my blog is going to shift. Although I am still very much into being eco friendly, pregnancy has taken over, and I am entering a new realm - unassisted childbirth. Lately its all I can think about, and I am seriously considering it.

Anyways, this blog says I have six followers, and I dont know if any of you actually read what I write, but hopefully I wont let anyone down...


  1. Dont worry i go through times when i blog three times a week and then i wont blog again for two weeks. i just enjoy reading people's blogs about being a mom.. it doesn't matter if you cloth diaper or not ecofriendly or not i just enjoy finding things i can relate with other moms about.