Ever since I was little (so little that I believed my dreams were real,) I started having a dream about driving. This dream would reoccur every know and then throughout the years. I would either be the driver or passenger, and the dream would begin by me trying to drive up a freeway that was on a huge hill/mountain. This was the only road that I could take, and if I wanted to go anywhere, I HAD to take this freeway. So there I would go, fully knowing that this was the same dream that I have had before, and just wishing to get off that freeway. Well, the car would barely be making it up, huffing and puffing all the way along the hill. Then, at the very top, I would look out of the car window and notice that infront of me is an enormous drop straight down! All I could do was keep driving, so down, down, down I went as fast as can be! I would make it to the bottom completely safe, but when I would wake up my heart would be pounding and the adrenaline would be soaring through my blood.

Last night I had this same dream, but instead of a insane drop at the end, it was a nice, slow winding road that I cruised down. I woke up feeling content and safe.

I wonder what it means...

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