Boo Hoo

I am sorry to say that we have hit a bump in the cloth diapering road. We use GMD unbleached prefolds, and although I love them almost as much as I love my own family, there is the age old draw back of wetness-on-babys-butt.
Normally, I wouldn't mind it. After all, that is the point of cloth diapering these days, isnt it? To not let baby sit in a wet dipe for hours on end. With cloth, you know when baby is wet, and change the dipe right away.
We have practiced this since day one of cloth diapering, but I have also noticed, since day one, that Gil would get "wetness" rashes in the folds of his skin. It started happening only when he would wake up in the morning, so I headed over to my local cloth diaper store (only fifteen minutes away, isnt it great?!) and bought some stay dry liners, and some stay dry hemp doublers just in case. They worked great at first, but day after day, Gil would wake up with the folds of his skin/butt red, then it would progress into an all over redness.
Since this was only a night thing, and since I dont have the money to spend on the AIOs with microfleece that I want, I gave in to my husbands urging and bought sposies. =(
We have been doing this for a week or so, and in the last few days, things have only gotten worse. Now I notice he has a rash ALL day long, and seeing as how I only have four stay dry liners, well, we go through those really quick.
So yesterday and today was a 50% sposie day, and I feel so ashamed. The only thing from making me run out and buying yards and yards of microfleece (hhmm...do they sell that at joannes? ive never actually *looked* for it) is that we are waiting on a paycheck.
So for now, my beautiful prefolds are sitting there next to my bed, weeping at the thought of being taken over by the earth-killing sposies ...

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