Wool Longies

So I am learning to knit. I can sew pretty good- not super amazing, but I can follow a pattern and even make a few things of my own. If I'm in a rush, though, things definitely tend to come out ... floppy.
When i was little, my grandma tried to teach me to crochet. I even learned how to go in a straight line! But she got real sick, I got older, we didn't get to see each other as much, so crocheting went out the window.
Once I got little Gil his cloth diapers, i obviously had to start looking for covers. My first (and only) wool cover is Aristocrats wool cover, which we got for nighttime. I like it and all, it works great, but its kind of .... ugly. I mean, right?! Its beige and big and seriously meant just to work, not to show off. So that got me thinking, there has got to be some cute wool covers out there! And then it happened - I discovered (through The Bump EFF board and some searching on my own) wool longies! These are the most beautiful things I have ever set my eyes on! All sorts of colors, patterns, designs and ... colors! lol. I have yet to buy or make longies, but hopefully soon it will happen!

Anyways, wool longies = why I wanted to learn how to knit =D

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