dreaming of home

I love the internet.

When I change my sons prefolds, it just reminds me how much I love them! I love the wholesomeness of them. The natural-ness =)

And I looooove putting his clothes on over his diapers, and getting that poofy butt look. When I see a tad bit of his cover showing, it makes me squeal! And then I love even more when I wash his diapers, and they are on the last rinse, and I take them out just to smell the wet, cleanness of the cotton .... heaven!

Then, i look around, and there is no one to tell this to! I mean, my poor husband has got to have tons of cloth diapering and environmentally friendly info stuffed into his brain by now. No body I know really cares about what I'm doing. They dont care that although I *used* to want to live downtown and go out to eat at all the restaurants and go out every night and drink my jack and coke while watching movies with friends ....that thats not me anymore.

You know what my dream home is? A farm. Not a huge farm that produced food for markets or anything, but just a small farm house where I can grow some veggies for my husband and the baby. nothing big, just maybe a small patch of land to work on. maybe one or two cows, a few chickens for eggs for us, a dog or two. I want big, overgrown trees that my son can climb when he is older. Of course, there would have to be two clothes lines, one for the cloth diapers (cuz i am definitely having more than one child!) and then one for the regular clothes.

I just want to step out into the world! not onto the pavement ...

but i dont have that, and anyways, where in california am i going to find that? so i have the internet, and get to talk to people who do have that, and i get to look at their pictures, and i get to pretend.

dream over =)

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