the murder bottles

Look at these pictures. It makes me so sad to see these tiny, helpless babies sitting there all by themselves, drinking out of these bottles nicknamed "murder bottles" because of the dangers of bacteria and falling risks associated with them.

Can you just imagine a baby back in the day, lying there, hungry, maybe tired, maybe wet, yearning for human interaction ... and everybody around the baby is busy and working hard and has no time for the time consuming chore of feeding their own infant? Not everyone breastfeeds, I know that. I, myself, exclusively pump for my son. I even will say that formula is not poison. I was raised without a single drop of breastmilk. There are even those times, when Baby wants a bottle and you have *the worst case of diarreah ever* or you are an entire hour late to work and your just HAVE to prop that bottle up, just once! Just for that emergency. But to intentionally not hold a baby because it is "easier" ... ohmygosh, it almost makes me cry! Look at their eyes! Breaks my heart...

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