my little boy just went to sleep...

im sitting here in the dark, wondering what to do. Clean our bathroom? Nah, he will wake up. Pump? Oh yeah, I forgot to pump.

::goes to get everything set up::

::adjusts self, resumes typing::

okay. I just ordered a cloth diaper pattern on Etsy from APerryPatterns and I am itching to start on it. I bought it to try out the AIOs, since I cant seem to make up my mind and actually BUY one. Dont ask why, I am just plain wierd. Looking at the instructions, though, Im thinking I should start with a fitted diaper, just to get the hang of it.

Oh, and by the way, I would *never* have picked out those fabrics that the seller picked out. Never.


Anways, whenever it does get made, I will post it =)

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