teaching little girls to breastfeed ... oh the horror!

Apparently, that what this doll does. A little girl (or possibly boy, never go by gender specific colors/actions) puts on a halter, and there are two flower patches that cover the nipple area. The child then brings the doll to her/his breast, and the baby suckles! I love this idea! Doing a real quick ebay search, I saw one for $96 =O

Again, just from doing really quick searches, I can tell lots of people are upset that this doll is imitating something "so personal." Maybe we should ban all potty training books then, too! And say goodbye to play diapers! Then we should just sand down Barbies boobs so girls *really* wont have a clue as to what to expect. Because icky, nasty personal stuff like that doesnt really happen, little Susie.


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