Sometimes it is a curse to know how to sew. Why? Because of all the fun projects that can be done! But it all takes time, money, fabric, thread, patience, pattern making, space and on top of all that throw in a 8 1/2 month old baby .... and nothing ever gets done!!

I guess this is more for myself, but here is a list of future To-Do's:

-Make fitted diapers
-Make Breast Pads (because I have started leaking again!! Pregnancy related, maybe?)
-Research and/maybe make Mama Cloth ... for after giving birth since this woman is a Diva Cup user and I refuse to go back to regular pads!
-Make Baby Legs
-Throw self out of window for insisting on making stuff with the cutest fabric, therefore hiking up the fabric bill

Oh geez, how will i keep my sanity?

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