Gils Longies

So here are the recycled wool longies that I made. I dont remember exactly but the sweater cost around $7 a the thrift store.

I had actually been searching the internet for a tutorial on how to make them, but I found my own way - just cut off the two sleeves at an angle, sewed one side together to make the front, then cut off a pocket from the sweater, and sewed it onto the crotch in a diamond shape to make room for all that fluff, then sewed the other sides of the sleeve to the pocket. Lastly, I cut off the bottom waistband from the sweater, sewed the ends together to make a circle, then pinned and sewed that onto the longies. Ta da! (I wish I had taken pictures but I was so excited!)

i know the cuffs look uneven but they are just folded wrong. Yay for me, these are my first longies! Now off to lanolize them!

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