Today is not okay.

My son is currently lying in his crib, babbling on. He is probably talking to his friend, the Lion, about how his 30 minute nap was just fine and how mean his mommy is for making him go back down. (His friend is a drawing on his crib bumper.)

Well, my little boy, 30 minutes is not enough and you were just about to fall asleep again when your daddy closed the door too hard.

I need to do so many things. Find out if our second option insurance covers a homebirth with a midwife, finish knitting my friend her scarf, take a shower...

I really need to take a shower. Breastmilk, coffee and spit up (from the babies at work, no less) is not a good smell.

Gil just yelled at the top of his lungs. "GGAAH!" Hahaha, is that your way of saying that your nap is officially over, little man?

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  1. You don't like the perfume that is baby spit?? :D

    I'm so right there with you :)